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Blackspot Funded Project – Loftus St, Leederville

High Friction Surfacing

Reducing Braking Distance & Threshold Speed

Designed to Enhance, Protect and Improve Road Safety

Slip Resistant & Low Maintenance


The intersection of Loftus & Vincent St in Leederville was identified as an ideal candidate for Black Spot funding with the aim to actively reduce the number of accidents. A Road Safety Inspection determined that the optimum solution would be the application of skid resistant surfacing.

Antiskid’s expert staff liaised closely with the  client to provide a solution which addressed all requirements.


Antiskid Industries recommended installing the Omnigrip HF & Omnigrip CST systems to the various areas.

Fully Endorsed & Approved by Main Roads WA, OMNIGRIP HF has been applied on numerous intersections and roundabouts throughout Australia with continued success. OMNIGRIP HF is a high friction veneer surfacing system comprised of a thermosetting surface compound incorporating specialist high polished stone aggregates. It is designed to improve and maintain a high level of skid resistance on asphalt or concrete roads, highways and bridge pavements.

The product has proven road safety technology with excellent friction properties, reduces emergency breaking distances resulting in a reduction in threshold collision impact speeds and a proven accident reduction, which over the years has culminated in a safer road environment.

Skid resistant testing was carried out by the local authorities and significant improvements in the skid resistance of the high friction pavement surface were recorded.

Antiskid also installed OMNIGRIP CST to delineate High Definition Cycle Lanes providing early visibility and better safety.  OMNIGRIP CST is a durable skid resistant coloured surfacing system suited for cycleways and other areas requiring high visibility on public road systems. The key safety factor is that all road users have clear, early visual identification preparing them for changing road conditions ahead.

OMNIGRIP CST is also a thermosetting resin compound incorporating specialist synthetic coloured aggregates to provide a high visibility coloured pavement, while maintaining high skid resistance to all sizes of vehicles.

As an economic alternative to coloured asphalt and thin build painted coatings, OMNIGRIP CST can be applied to existing pavement surfaces, with ‘drive-on’ within 5 hours in most cases reducing disruption, noise and inconvenience and leaving a very professional long lasting finish. It’s available in four distinct colours (with others available on request), plus it’s environmentally friendly with 100% recycled synthetic aggregate and no odour.

Quick to install (a single day or night is often all that is required), OMNIGRIP HF is specifically designed to provide a durable, deep textured and high skid resistant finish for the design life of the product.

All told, an outstanding solution.


  • Fast Installation
  • Exceptionally Hard Wearing
  • Fuel & Chemical Resistant
  • Durable and Long Lasting
  • Wide Variety of Colours
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Crack Resistant
  • Cost Effective Pricing
  • Very High Visibility



DATE: December, 2021
LOCATION: Loftus St & Vincent St, Leederville
CONTRACTOR: Antiskid Industries
CONTRACTORS: Antiskid Industries




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