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Commercial Kitchen Flooring


Antiskid are Leaders in Commercial Kitchen Flooring Solutions

Antiskid Industries is renowned for designing, supplying and installing superior commercial kitchen flooring solutions. Antiskid specialises in installing anti-micro quality protective epoxy resin flooring for all commercial kitchens. We ensure that a quality specification applies to our flooring applications.

It makes no difference whether they’re in hospitals, cafes, bars, offices, charity facilities, restaurants, resorts or 5-Star hotels, all our kitchen flooringapplications comply with industry-based food-grade certification regulations and provide:

  • High impact resistance
  • High chemical resistance
  • High and low temperature resistance
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy cleaning
  • Low odour and solvent-free solutions

Attention To Detail Starts With Preparation

The first stage, and one of the most important stages, is the preparation. Antiskid ensure the all important floor preparation prior to installing the epoxy resin flooring system is accurately and professionally undertaken.  The new flooring is given a sound base to help ensure that your kitchen flooring will still look fantastic and maintain its superior quality after many years of hard service.

Our Epoxy Resin Flooring is Guaranteed

Antiskid’s expert installation team will ensure the falls are accurate so there will not be any pooling which can collect water, oils, fats or other kitchen substances. Consequently this will make sure hygiene and safety is always at the highest level.

In addition, our process includes installing the floor coving prior to the epoxy resin flooring with its anti-bacterial properties, all of which leads to guaranteeing a first class job.

Antiskid specialise in safety epoxy resin flooring solutions that add productivity and, ultimately, an increased return on investment. Furthermore, our range of epoxy resin commercial flooring solutions are designed specifically to meet industry standards and requirements.

With our highly experienced installation team you can be confident in the quality and reliability of your investment.

We Have HACCP Accreditation

All our epoxy resin commercial kitchen flooring not only complies with the industry-based food grade certification regulations, Antiskid Industries now boasts that our floors are accredited with the HACCP Certification, which is a globally recognised benchmark of food safety in commercial kitchens.

Summing up, with over 30 years industry experience, Antiskid Industries provide total ‘design, supply and apply’ commercial kitchen flooring solutions. With this experience we assist you in formulating the best specification with your architect or design team.

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