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Antiskid’s seamless epoxy resin commercial flooring is ideal for shopping centres, retails stores, office flooring, display areas and so much more. Antiskid designs, supplies and installs a wide range of polymer epoxy flooring systems for a wide range of commercial buildings. Our epoxy resin commercial floors are designed to provide safe and functional environments in private and public buildings. A wide variety of floor colours and textures are available to co-ordinate with your interior design.

Floor surface applications include:

  • Display areas
  • Retail stores and shop fronts
  • Modern housing developments
  • Shopping centres
  • Building entrances
  • Commercial buildings
  • Education
  • Entertainment/Recreation
  • Architectural
  • Transport
  • Healthcare

A Measured Approach

Antiskid will consult with architects and interior designers, conduct a site visit and quantity survey before designing and installing epoxy resin commercial flooring, considering a range of factors to decide on the best resin flooring for your needs. This involves considering colours and finishes, slip resistance and levels of pedestrian and vehicular traffic loads.

Antiskid commercial epoxy resin flooring is seamless and can be applied to most existing concrete and timber floors. Our flooring creates clean, bright environments, with finishes that are easy to clean and are low odour and solvent free during installation. It can also offer insulating and sound deadening effects. Antiskid offers a superior range of decorative architectural seamless epoxy resin floor surfaces suitable for all commercial and residential properties.

For example the design potential of the seamless resin ‘terrazzo’ finish means that architects can design wonderful works of floor art. To this end we have developed a huge variety of attractive aggregates such as mother of pearl, marble,  crystal glass, and metallic particles in a diverse range of synthetic colour effects to create a stunning visual impact.

Our flooring solutions are ideally suited to the subtlety of natural architectural design or, alternatively, to provide for bold eye catching kaleidoscope colour finishes including extensive metallic colours.

Furthermore developers have the option of choosing from a range of products including epoxy, polyurethane and methyl methacrylate (MMA) enhanced floors. All are available in vibrant colours and decorative effects. Presenting different benefits according to your application requirements. For example, MMA is very fast curing so can be installed when a small application window is all that is available. 

Compelling flooring benefits

The benefits of choosing seamless epoxy resin flooring Perth WA are endless. Such as that it is chemical resistant, resistant to low temperatures and extremely easy to maintain. Equally important, the flooring can be supplied and installed in a slip resistant finish, selected from a broad range of colours in either matt or high gloss. Check out the impressive features below:

  • Slip resistant
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Long lifespan
  • Self leveling
  • UV protected
  • Scratch and abrasion resistance
  • Choice of finishes

Decorative finish, clean, bright, and slip resistant

Seamless epoxy resin flooring Perth WA is not only ideal for commercial flooring because it enhances your interior design, but most importantly, it’s extremely durable and long lasting. These flooring solutions provide an attractive and safe environment. Also, there is a wide variety of textured finishes to co-ordinate with the interior design. And we will design your solutions to accommodate whatever levels of expected pedestrian traffic loads. What’s more, the floor finish is very easy to clean, and can be supplied in anti-slip or smooth finishes. In other words it is bright, clean, slip resistant and a modern decorative seamless flooring solution.

We offer concepts and design ideas

Whatever your design vision, Antiskid will provide creative concepts to complement your own ideas. We aren’t tied to one product or one manufacturer. We are a fully independent applicator with only the best possible solution for you is our primary goal. We will consult with you and, after considering all the options, we will recommend a flooring solution that best suits your vision, budget and ideals.

Guaranteed Workmanship

Antiskid guarantees its workmanship in delivering a first class product finished on time and to budget.

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