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Concrete Remediation

Repair Damaged Concrete with Concrete Remediation Services

Seeking concrete remediation? Turn to Western Australia’s leading provider of commercial & industrial surfacing solutions for the job. At Antiskid Industries, we can address your building’s remedial maintenance requirements. With the help of our concrete remediation services, we can restore your damaged concrete. Furthermore, we can prevent further damages from occuring. This will help you to save on unnecessary costs. Aside from this, it will help you to prevent injuries or disruptions.

Have you heard of the term concrete cancer? This is a term you will often hear in the building industry. And Like cancer in humans, concrete cancer starts off seemingly invisible.

In buildings, concrete is reinforced with metal bars or mesh. When exposed to air and water, it starts to form a weak carbonic acid. This is absored by the concrete’s surface, which is porous by nature. Being porous, the acid becomes trapped, and the concrete begins to crack. This process is known as spalling.

Spalling starts off small. However, it can quickly spread and compromise the structural integrity of your concrete. In situations like these, it’s important to seek out concrete remediation.

Why Choose Antiskid for Concrete Remediation?

Noticed any of the signs of concrete cancer? This can occur due to poor waterproofing, building defects and even extreme weather conditions. However, no matter the cause, it’s important to seek help immediately.

At Antiskid, our concrete remediation services consist of the following:

  • Substrate Preparation
  • Reinforcement Corrosion Protection
  • Increased Bearing Capacity
  • Structural & Non-Structural Repair

Moreover, we offer our services to businesses across a range of industries. This includes office buildings, factories, warehouses, medical and educational facilities, plus more. With over 35 years of experience, you can always expect us to uphold high standards for servicing.

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