Leaders in Commercial, Architectural and Industrial Resin / Epoxy Flooring

The premier suppliers and installers of Epoxy Resin Flooring Perth and throughout Western Australia

Coloured Road and Pavement Safety

Vivid coloured road and pavement safety delineation and skid-resistant surfaces, including rapid installation cycle lanes and decorative flooring, streetscaping and landscape projects


The acknowledged leading applicator of all types of architectural epoxy resin flooring surfacing solutions for private, commercial, and industrial floors, right across Western Australia.

Protective Car Park Decking Systems

Design, supply and install a unique range of resin coating systems for protective performance for commercial and private car park decking and high trafficking deck surfaces.

Floor Safety Solutions & Surface Treatments

Leading supplier of floor safety solutions and treatments in Western Australia. Whether it is supplying and installing stair nosings, tread plates and ladder rungs, or installing slip resistant surfacing treatments to reduce accidents, Antiskid Industries is your answer.

Commercial and Industrial Flooring Specialist

Specialists in slip resistant flooring products and surfaces for residential, architectural, commercial and industrial flooring. The acknowledged leading applicator of all types of epoxy resin surfacing solutions right across WA.

Slip Testing Service

Antiskid Industries offers a slip testing service on your new or existing floor to determine whether your floor is compliant with the latest Australian Standards. Our certified slip resistance test measures your health and safety to make sure you’re compliant.

Our Services

Leaders in Commercial, Architectural and Industrial Resin / Epoxy Flooring

Architectural Resin Flooring

Seamless epoxy resin flooring for commercial and residential solutions and providing world-class quality with stylish surfaces.

Commercial Resin Flooring

Food Processing | Commercial Kitchens | Commercial Flooring | Rapid Curing Resin Floor Systems | Antiskid Resin Floor Care and Maintenance

Industrial Resin Flooring

Chemical | Automotive | Heavy Duty Flooring Solutions | Manufacturing & Warehousing | Concrete Floor Preparation and Repair

Road Surfacing Solutions

High Friction Road Surfacing | Omnigrip CST | Omnigrip Decorative

Car Park Decking Systems

Protective car park vehicle decking, is extremely colourful and offers bright clear delineation for better safety and user experience

Floor Safety Solutions

Stair Nosings | Slip Testing Service | Slip Resistant Surface Treatments | Self Adhesive Floor Safety Tape