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Safety Stair Nosings

Prevent Slips & Accidents

Antiskid Industries stair nosings, safety tread plates and ladder rungs are specifically produced for use in commercial and industrial environments.

We have built a reputation of supplying a range of Stair Nosings which are designed to prevent slips and falls. They can

also be used on steel ramps, walkways, concrete and masonry steps, and steel grille catwalks. This includes landings and steel check-plate workstations where timber and steel ladders may be used.

Thanks to the product’s excellent  slip resistance in all conditions and high impact resistance, injuries and downtime will be minimised.

A range of colours

Our stair nosings, safety tread plates, and ladder rungs are available in a range of colours to suit you and your surrounds. They are easily installed either by yourself or by professionals such as Antiskid Industries.

Depending on your circumstances we are able to custom design and install tread plates and stair nosings to existing stair edges or platforms, making them slip-resistant.

Another advantage of Stair Nosings is that they also protect the leading edge of steps from damage and are also available in a range of safety colours.

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