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Demarcation & Safety

Safe & Durable Floors

All factories, warehouses and other work environments as well as institutions such as schools, TAFEs and universities require durable floors which are anti slip and abrasion resistant. Often, though, there is a requirement for demarcation of the floor surface to enhance safety and ensure that OHS principles are adhered to.

In many instances the floor is also required to withstand extreme heavy duty traffic. When this is indicated on top of the need for slip resistance and colourful, clearly marked demarcation walkways, line marking and service demarcation areas then you definitely need to call on an organisation with extensive experience and knowledge.

A measured approach

As a matter of course Antiskid will consult with architects and interior designers, conduct a site visit and quantity survey before designing and installing epoxy resin commercial flooring solutions. Also we take the time to consider a range of factors to decide on the best resin flooring for your needs. This includes determining colours and finishes, slip resistance and levels of pedestrian and vehicular traffic loads.

What’s more, demarcation & safety resin flooring is seamless and can be applied to most existing concrete and timber floors.

Our flooring creates clean, bright environments, with finishes that are easy to clean and are low odour and solvent free during installation. Plus it can also offer insulating and sound deadening effects.

Antiskid Industries proudly offer a superior range of decorative architectural seamless epoxy resin floor surfaces suitable for all commercial and residential properties.

Guaranteed workmanship

For this reason Antiskid guarantees its workmanship delivering a first class product finished on time and to budget.

Antiskid is an expert in installing epoxy resin high build coatings for heavy duty industrial flooring and other workspaces having been commissioned to install many for all manner of industry sectors throughout Western Australia.

And colour coded demarcation areas are simply part of the solutions that Antiskid Industries offers with our extensive experience of carrying out such work at many large commercial and industrial projects throughout the State.

Antiskid Industries completes the work with minimal disruption, on-time and to budget.

Floor surface applications include:

• Display areas
• Education Institutions
• Warehouses
• Building Exits & Entrances
• Commercial Car Parks
• Entertainment/Recreation
• Transport
• Healthcare

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