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Seafood Production Flooring

Chemical Resistant Flooring for Seafood Processing & Production

Hygienic, Very Durable and Slip Resistant.

Antiskid have been producing customised flooring systems for the meat processing industry for over 30 years. We are familiar with the many different issues facing meat producers and work closely with our customers to ensure that their individual requirements are met with a solution that is specific for their particular requirements. We know that downtime costs money. However, all meat processing flooring areas have many common requirements. By and large they must have a slip resistant floor surface. And to ensure that the best value for money is achieved the flooring should have significant wear resistant properties and should stand the “test of time”. The products used should be chemical, thermal and abrasion resistant. And, finally, the floor should be solvent free and easy to clean.

We can design a systems that consists of the latest technology poly cement products with antimicrobial properties that is fast cure, food grade approved and resists a wide range of organic and inorganic acids, alkalis, amines, salts and solvents. We can incorporate quartz aggregate for slip resistance on a system that has high thermal cycling properties with high mechanical resistance through a range from -40ºC up to +120ºC. And the system can be delivered between COB Friday to allow you to reopen on Monday morning, substantially reducing downtime costs.

Antiskid Industries specialises in design, supply and installation of superior seamless and smooth epoxy resin food processing flooring surfaces for all meat production and processing areas including:

Flooring Solutions to Suit Any Work Environment

At Antiskid we are extremely mindful of all the different meat processing areas that need different flooring solutions. Production areas often need hard-wearing, chemical resistant floor finishes that stand up to heavy machinery and potential high impact. Sensitive wet and dry processing areas need steam-cleanable floors that deliver the ultimate in hygiene performance. Wet processing zones need slip-resistant systems, which protect staff from potential injuries due to slips, trips and falls.

We Specialise in Floor Safety

Floor safety is paramount at Antiskid Industries. We specialise in safety epoxy resin flooring systems that add productivity and, subsequently, greater profit.

Our range of epoxy resin flooring systems are designed specifically to meet any work environment. And, together with our highly experienced installation team, you can be extremely confident in the quality and reliability of your new food processing resin flooring investment.

Our Experience and Services Are Second To None

With over 30 years industry experience Antiskid Industries provide total ‘design, supply and apply’ flooring solutions. Furthermore, we assist in formulating the best specification with your architect or design team.

On top of that Antiskid Industries are the preferred applicator to a wide range of product suppliers so you can feel confident you will be receiving the right solution for your food processing resin flooring needs.

Also, as an independent company, we offer unbiased advice and product recommendations, so you can be confident we will always recommend what’s correct for your food processing resin flooring.

Our specialised epoxy resin food processing flooring products are approved by all state/national authorities and are certified for use in food manufacturing and processing environments.

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