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Hard Wearing, Low Maintenance

Industrial flooring can often face extreme challenges as the surfaces are exposed to the harshest treatment over prolonged periods of time. The flooring is prone to heat, cold, and dust with large teams of personnel and heavy duty equipment continually mistreating it .

Antiskid Industries have specialised in all manner of industrial flooring such as epoxy, cementitious and polyurethane products plus concrete surface hardeners and floor sealers for over 30 years at many locations throughout Western Australia. We have provided added safety in the workplace to a great number of manufacturing, mining and commercial warehouse applications.

Heavy vehicle traffic and fast turning forklift traffic within a warehouse/loading bay facility poses extremely high safety risks, coupled with the effect of rain water trafficked in from the road tyres and the risk multiplies ten-fold.

Antiskid are the market leader in floor safety solutions, and because of this, Antiskid Industries have been called on to resolve floor safety issues by many transport facility operators.

Firstly a great degree of slip resistance and colourful clearly marked demarcation for walkways is high on the agenda, and secondly, line marking and service demarcation areas form part of Antiskid’s approach to supplying safer flooring solutions for manufacturing and warehouse flooring.

Our team’s knowledge and expertise – combined with the use of the best quality products and latest technology – ensures we’ll find the perfect solution for your flooring needs.

Key manufacturing areas include:

  • Injection moulding
  • Plant rooms
  • Steel fabrication
  • Parts assembly
  • Paper and textiles
  • Aeronautical


  • High impact resistance
  • High slip resistance
  • High chemical resistance
  • Low temperature resistance
  • High temperature resistance
  • Low maintenance
  • Demarcated work zones

Our manufacturing and warehouse flooring will be designed to meet the specific needs of the your industry, producing flooring with the above benefits.

Antiskid Industrial flooring also looks good and creates low maintenance, safe work environments with a choice of slip-resistant or smooth finishes that are easy to clean.

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