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Bailey Brewing – Kitchen Flooring Upgrade

Hard Wearing, Food Grade Finish with Chemical, Impact and Slip Resistance Seamless, Antimicrobial, Polyurethane Resin Flooring


The floor area in this very busy kitchen was dangerous due to slip hazards and was generally failing. Antiskid were engaged to provide an appropriate solution which needed to be aesthetically pleasing, long lasting, easily maintainable and providing long term slip resistant qualities. The window for works was necessarily short as any disruption to kitchen access was going to impact revenue so Antiskid were challenged to complete the total upgrade with a tight time frame. And the entire area needed to be impact, chemical & mechanical resistant to provide a long term design life.


Antiskid recommended installing a new epoxy based 6mm poly/resin flooring in a slip resistant finish. The system is a Polyurethane Cement flooring system delivering the latest technology poly-cement products with antimicrobial properties. It is a Fast Cure system that is food grade approved and resists a wide range of organic and inorganic acids, alkalis, amines, salts and solvents. The system is thermal cycling resistant with high mechanical and abrasive resistant qualities. We added in a specially formulated antimicrobial Top Coat for additional protection to the floor areas. This solution provides safety for all users while also brilliantly delivering on the other aspects of the design brief. An Antiskid Flowfresh Poly Cement Solution is low maintenance and will continue to be a dynamic feature for many years to come with minimal maintenance requirements. Working closely with all stakeholders, Antiskid were able to deliver an outstanding solution.


DATE: September, 2023
LOCATION: Swan Valley
CLIENT: Bailey Brewing
DESIGNED BY: Antiskid Industries
CONTRACTOR: Antiskid Industries




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