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The Royal on the Waterfront

Kitchen & Bar Floor Upgrade

Hard wearing, food grade finish with chemical and anti slip resistance

Seamless Polyurethane Resin Flooring


This is a very busy bar and restaurant and any downtime was going to be very costly for the owners so the challenge was to complete the total upgrade with a time frame commencing Monday morning and completing works ready for commissioning by the Thursday afternoon.

The upgrade required the complete removal of all floor tiles and screed and a total decommissioning of kitchen equipment including plumbing and electrical works.


In the kitchen area Antiskid recommended removing existing flooring and mechanically preparing the floor for a new epoxy based screed providing falls to existing drains. This was followed by the install of epoxy based coving finishing up under the existing wall tiles to provide a seamless finish. Followed the coving we installed a 6mm poly/resin flooring in a slip resistant finish. And finally we recommissioned and reinstated all equipment, plumbing and electrical works.

For the bar area we prepared the existing floor and then installed a food grade protective flooring in a slip resistant finish to be installed over the existing tiles. We also installed new aluminium floor coving and then, on completion, we recommissioned all bar equipment.

Work were completed and recommissioned within the time allowed so that the business was ready for commercial action on the Friday.

Products used:

  • Flowcrete Flowfresh Polyurethane Flooring


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The Royal on the Waterfront


DATE: July 2016
LOCATION: Royal East Perth, Perth, Western Australia
PROJECT MANAGER: Antiskid Industries
CONTRACTOR: Antiskid Industries
CONTRACTORS: Antiskid Industries




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