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Mandurah Traffic Bridge – Pedestrian Path

Safe and Dynamic

Shared Pathway for Bicycle and Pedestrian Traffic

Slip Resistant Surfacing System


The City was experiencing problems with a shared footpath (Pedestrian/Bicycles) on the new Mandurah Traffic bridge. The product that was applied during the construction was not working efficiently and was, in fact, creating a dangerous environment.

The area causing most concern was the ramp leading down to Mandurah Terrace as it presented a slip risk, particularly in wet weather.

Antiskid Industries were engaged to provide the solution. Antiskid’s expert staff liaised closely with the staff at City of Mandurah including Engineering and Design to provide a solution that was not only economical and ensured optimum safety for users but that was also aesthetically pleasing, and in harmony with the surrounding environment.


Antiskid Industries recommended installing the OMNIGRIP Deco Surfacing System to the existing shared pathway to provide safety for all users in a striking solution that contributed to the overall story that the bridge told.

It was also important that users were able to continue to utilise the pathway during works. The team at Antiskid worked behind safety barriers while removing the existing system. Following the removal, the coloured areas were marked out and colours applied as appropriate.

The final application was the UV Sealer to promote long design life and  assist in maintaining the cleanliness of the installation. This solution is low maintenance and will continue to be a dynamic feature for many years to come with minimal maintenance requirements for the City of Mandurah.

By working closely with all stakeholders and technical staff Antiskid were able to deliver an outstanding solution.

Product Used:

  • Omnigrip Deco
  • Coloured Synthite Aggregate
  • UV Resistant Sealer


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Mandurah Bridge

Causeway Footpath

Omnigrip Deco

Roads and Pavements

Canning Bridge Cycleway


DATE: May, 2019
LOCATION: Mandurah Traffic Bridge, Mandurah, WA
PROJECT MANAGER: Antiskid Industries
PRODUCT SUPPLIER: Omnicrete Australia
CONTRACTOR: Antiskid Industries




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