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Kids Bridge

Kids Bridge

Perth Children’s Hospital

Safe and Vivid Coloured Shared Pathway

for Bicycle and Pedestrian Traffic

Slip Resistant & Low Maintenance


The Kids Bridge was designed to create a pedestrian link between the Perth Children’s Hospital and Kings Park facilitating access to WA’s premier parkland allowing a place for relaxation and reflection for hospital staff, patients and visitors.

The bridge extends over the tree canopy providing a tree top walk and viewing platform across the park towards the city.

The designers wanted users to be treated to a highly colourful structure reflective of the colourful Perth Children’s Hospital logo with visual aspects that change as users move across or underneath the twisting forms.

Antiskid’s expert staff liaised closely with the designers, Main Roads WA and the builders to provide a solution.


The Finished Product
Outstanding Colour
Kids Bridge Aerial
Aerial View


Antiskid Industries recommended installing the OMNIGRIP Deco Surfacing System to the shared pathway. We then worked closely together with our suppliers and the designers to specifically manufacture the correct colours for the project.

Deco is not only economical and ensures optimum safety for users but is also aesthetically pleasing, and in harmony with the surrounding environment.

The Omnigrip Deco has been topped with a UV Sealer to promote long design life and assist in maintaining the cleanliness of the installation. This solution is low maintenance and will continue to be a dynamic feature for many years to come with minimal maintenance requirements for the Perth Children’s Hospital.

All told, an outstanding solution.


  • Fast installation
  • No noise, or neighbourhood disruptions, during application
  • No smell or harmful VOC emissions
  • No heavy plant required for installation
  • Over 10 year colour retention (no fading)
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Sharp, accurate finishing, can be applied in any shape required
  • Suitable to “Thermo/Heat” applied insignias and road marking paints
  • Cost effective pricing
  • Very high visibility


Kids Bridge at the Perth Children’s Hospital

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Antiskid Capability Statement

Local College Balcony

Omnigrip Deco

DATE: June, 2021
LOCATION: Perth Children’s Hospital, Nedlands
PRODUCT SUPPLIER: Omnicrete Australia
CONTRACTORS: Antiskid Industries




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