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Car Park Ramp

SwanCare Waminda Facility

Slip Resistant Surfacing System

Low Maintenance


Drivers using the car park ramp at the SwanCare’s Waminda facility in Belmont were experiencing serious safety issues with the driveway, particularly in wet weather. The problem was getting so severe that cars were slipping and sliding into the ramp walls and the ramp had to be closed during wet weather to prevent further incidents. An urgent solution was required.


Antiskid Industries recommended installing the Omnigrip High Friction (HF) Surfacing System to the existing driveway. HF is not only economical and ensures optimum safety for users but is also aesthetically pleasing.

It was also important for the client that this solution be implemented quickly. In the middle of winter there was only going to be more possibilities of slips and skids with the risk of further injuries to users.

The team at Antiskid planned and executed the solution to ensure minimal disruption while removing the existing surfacing. Then the areas were marked out and the surfacing applied followed by the UV Sealer to promote long design life and assist in maintaining the cleanliness of the installation. This solution is low maintenance and will continue to be a dynamic feature for many years to come with minimal maintenance. And the surface provides very high levels of slip resistance in any weather.

This entire project was accomplished over the course of 24 hours.


  • Fast installation – 500m2 application and cure completed in 6-8 hours
  • No noise, or neighbourhood disruptions, during application
  • One coat application – no multi coating
  • No smell or harmful VOC emissions
  • Simple traffic management required (No detours)
  • No heavy plant required for installation
  • Over 10 year colour retention (no fading)
  • Exceeds slip resistance requirements for road vehicles
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Sharp, accurate finishing – no “boxed out” finish and can be applied in any shape required
  • Suitable to “Thermo/Heat” applied insignias and road marking paints
  • Cost effective pricing
  • Very high visibility
  • Will not “dull” off in colour with age.


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Swan Care Car Park Ramp

Carpark Surfacing Systems

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High Friction Treatment

DATE: October, 2020
LOCATION: SwanCare, Belmont
PROJECT MANAGER:Antiskid Industries
PRODUCT SUPPLIER: Omnicrete Australia
CONTRACTOR: Antiskid Industries




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