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Why You Should Install Resin Flooring for Your Commercial Kitchen

Commercial kitchens are one of the most manic places on Earth. Heck, an episode of Hell’s Kitchen is all the evidence you really need to back up that claim, aside from maybe your own personal experiences. Between heavy foot traffic, extreme temperatures, heavy cookware and spilt substances, the kitchen floor pretty much sees it all. This is why it’s so important to make sure your choice of flooring material is appropriate for the harsh demands of the kitchen environment.

While there are plenty of commercial flooring options available to choose from, resin flooring remains as one of the best choices for commercial kitchens for the following reasons:


With all the running around that goes on in the kitchen, combined with the plethora of spills and other incidents that goes on (especially during rush hour), it’s important for your kitchen floors to be extra durable. You’ll be pleased to find that resin flooring is super tough, and capable of resisting against damage and wear over the years, no matter how many times you drop heavy pots and pans or rush back and forth alongside fellow kitchen staff.


Resin flooring is also resistant against a variety of substances, including oil, grease, water, and harsh chemicals. This is what makes it such a perfect choice of flooring for use in commercial kitchens. Through being resistant to all kinds of substances, including both low and high heat, resin flooring promises to hold up well over time no matter how hectic your commercial kitchen gets.


In a commercial kitchen environment, spills can be a daily occurence; but you shouldn’t give them the chance to cause an injury. Another thing that makes resin flooring such a great choice is its anti-slip properties, which can work wonders in preventing hazards and keeping things flowing smoothly in the kitchen.


It’s important to maintain a high level of hygiene in all areas where food is prepared. Of course, some flooring materials out there contain cracks or crevices where bacteria can seep in and hide. Not only does this create the perfect breeding space for pathogens; it also makes your kitchen look neglected, especially when dirt and grime build up in the creases of the material. If you want to make preparing for food safety inspections a lot easier on you and your fellow staff, installing resin flooring is a great way to do so, since this material is monolithic and super easy to maintain.

Turn to Antiskid for Resin Flooring Installations

Interested in getting resin flooring installed for your commercial kitchen? Turn to Antiskid Industries, the leading supplier of floor safety solutions in Australia. We provide anti slip flooring for commercial kitchens that you can trust to provide as a long-lasting, worthwhile investment. With floors that meet your commercial kitchen’s harsh demands, you can ensure your daily operations run as smoothly as possible, while lessening the workload on you and your staff.

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