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Food Flooring – Done Right, Done Quick

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Antiskid Industries are the industry leaders for flooring in the food preparation industry. We have witnessed the many changes that have occurred during our 40+ years of designing, supplying, and installing quality flooring through all facets of the industry. We know the best floor for your application and requirement.

We can repair or replace your floor in hours not weeks

Substances such as fats, hot oils, blood, sugar solutions, and natural food acids cause serious damage to floors. These contaminants can easily infiltrate cracked flooring resulting in uncontrolled growth of bacteria, so you need a floor with HACCP certification. Floors also need to have high resistance to heavy traffic and have high impact & thermal shock resistance. And we know that you cannot afford to close your operations down for 48 hrs let alone the 7 days that many systems require for application. However, due to ongoing scrutiny, you must continue to repair, maintain and upgrade the flooring in your facilities.

We maintain floors for most of the biggest food production organisations

Antiskid have been working with some of the biggest and most innovative food production companies for over 30 years. We have worked alongside them to design flooring solutions that meet every criterion they have and provide optimum products with economical and easily planned maintenance. Our solutions are designed to enhance your operations and minimise any downtime that may be required for repairs or maintenance.

We can work around your schedules

Antiskid Industries have a flexible and reactive workforce so can perform rectification works or even install an entirely new floor in an operational environment. Our engineering and design teams are able to work together with our clients to proactively plan the entire project in a way that allows the facility to continue production with a minimum of lost production or disruption. Our team are well versed in the planning and implementation of time and mission critical works during shutdowns or production windows.

Utilising the latest flooring technologies

Due to our preeminent standing in the industry we are always abreast of the latest flooring technologies. And because we are installers of products from all the largest manufacturers we are able to navigate through the salesmen to provide the right solution for your requirement.

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