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5 Questions To Ask Before Choosing an Epoxy Flooring Company

Epoxy resin floors are becoming more and more popular as homeowners, developers and businesses recognise the increased strength epoxy flooring offers without compromising on appeal or aesthetic.

Deciding to add epoxy resin coating to the flooring in your workshop, car park, processing facility or business is the first step of the operation, the second step is finding a reliable contractor to install the flooring. With such a wide range of companies to choose from, it can be confusing trying to find a reputable professional epoxy flooring company to trust with the job.

To make things easier, here is a list of questions to ask before choosing a professional epoxy flooring company:

1. Is the company insured?

When hiring a company to construct or design any part of a building, it’s crucial they are insured. A range of risks are involved with all labouring projects, especially large projects dealing with chemicals such as epoxy resin flooring installation. Workers’ injuries, inventory damage and unrenewed permit/licensing fees are an example of a few of these unforeseeable risks. A company without insurance may leave you, as the employer, fully liable for any costs, injuries or damage incurred during installation.

While accidents on job sites can usually be avoided, it’s inevitable that they are to occur eventually, which is why all parties should be protected by adequate insurance. All professional epoxy flooring companies should be insured and if not, don’t risk it!

2. How much experience does the company have?

A great way to gauge whether or not the company you’re considering working with has the experience and ability to carry out your project is by asking about their previous jobs. You can validate what they say by following up by asking for their portfolio which will usually include before and after images of their other installations.

A qualified company should have several years’ experience in the business, the more the better. Antiskid Industries is one of Western Australia’s leading Epoxy and Resin Floor Coating Companies and has more than 30 years’ experience in the industry.

Check out this large mine site epoxy resin flooring installation we completed for Rio Tinto last year.

3. What are the projected costs?

Every project has different specifications and will incur different costs. Costs change depending on the size and location of the job, materials used and amount of labour involved. If you’re able to provide as much detail as possible about your project to your epoxy flooring installer, you should be able to acquire an estimated cost of the entire project. Expect prices to change minimally, though they shouldn’t divert too far from the original quote.

4. What is the expected time frame?

For anyone looking to do maintenance or construction on their flooring, time is an important issue. All business owners would appreciate that areas that are unusable are costing money while they are incapable of being in production. If you have a specific date that you need the epoxy flooring to be finished and ready for traffic, let your company know before you begin work.

One of the best advantages of epoxy flooring is that it is relatively quick to install compared to alternative flooring choices. That said, you need to be realistic and honest with your contractor as to your time frame expectations.

5. How is customer satisfaction?

This is less of a question for the company and more a question you can research and find the answer out to yourself. Google reviews are a great place to start. Reviews will show up next to the company’s business profile on Google, where you can read about previous customer experiences and satisfaction. You should also be able to locate client reviews on the company’s website.

Before committing to a company, check the insurance, experience, costs, time expectations and prior customer satisfaction to make sure you’re choosing the most reliable and professional epoxy flooring company for you.If you’re considering installing epoxy floor coating on your floors or still have any questions, our friendly team here would be happy to help. Contact us online or give us a call at (08) 9456 4074 to discuss your design plan and find out more about our industrial epoxy flooring solutions.

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