Perth Optus Stadium – Distinctive Colourful Concourse Paving

We were honoured to be the supplier and installer of the coloured paving surfacing to the concourse leading to each of the stadium entrances. The stadium is now being enjoyed by so many people in Perth, Western Australia, all of which will have walked on the dynamic coloured concourse paving. So next time you are there, take a look down and see what inspired Architect Cox, Hassell and HKS to propose such distinctive colours to capture the six seasons of the local indigenous people but also to reflect Western Australia’s unique geology.

We installed the 24,000 sq metres of coloured surface paving, and recommended Omnigrip Deco Asphalt surfacing because of the many colours to choose from to match the Architects welcoming design specifications and for its durability to sustain such heavy traffic and retain its colour throughout the products time of life. Six distinctive colours were chosen, Pearl Marble, Gold Marble, Black Pepper, Olive Green, Cotta Granite, and Red Granite which truly reflects the Architects vision.

So next time you are at the stadium and walking on one of the entrance concourses may we suggest you look down and be inspired.