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For over 30 years Antiskid has provided all manner of slip resistant surface treatment throughout Western Australia servicing industrial, Government, Health, and commercial facilities as well as residential as a means to ensuring high levels of health and safety and reducing the risk of accidents.

The latest legislative and insurance requirements mean that now it is important to have documented evidence of safety standard compliance. To that end Antiskid have introduced a new division to assist our clients with their compliance and as a new service offering. This service is available to test new or existing floors.

Antiskid will carry out a certified slip resistance test using the latest Australian Standards (the wet pendulum slip test for both new and existing surfaces, AS 4586:2013 Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials and AS 4663:2013 Slip resistance measurement of existing pedestrian surfaces.)




We use the Wessex Pendulum Resistance Tester. The Wessex Pendulum is established globally as an essential part of risk management policies in areas such as:
Assessing surface safety

  • Road safety surfacing
  • Testing of floors and pedestrian walkways
  • Evaluation of floor cleaning materials
  • Accident & Litigation Investigations
  • Evidence for litigation purposes

One of the advantages of this pendulum slip testing service is that the machine is portable and can be taken onsite to verify the slip resistance of the surface, unlike the inclining barefoot ramp and oil-wet ramp tests. Another advantage is that contaminants other than water can be used, such as measuring the effect of oil or soapy liquid to assess how this may affect the slipperiness of the surface.


Why Antiskid?


Antiskid Industries ensure the quality and reliability of the wet pendulum slip ratings obtained with its slip testing service. This test measures dynamic coefficient of friction (CoF). The test is designed to replicate a pedestrian heel strike, the point at which most slips occur. When a pedestrian heel strikes a wet floor a fluid film is created between the heel and the surface which can cause a slip.

This test can also be used to accurately test the slip potential on clean and dry or contaminated floors. The test also works with dry contaminants. It is absolutely essential that the operator conducting the test is trained adequately to ensure final slip ratings. Overall, the slip resistance value should be used as a way of assessing the risk attributed to that surface.


Test Results


Upon completion of testing Antiskid Industries will provide a comprehensive report that also contains information on all relevant classifications as well as an interpretative guide to assist in easy understanding of the results. As trusted experts in the field, our expert witness test reports are used in legal proceedings, as we understand the science behind slip resistance testing and can communicate risk; not just provide the results by testing to the Australian Standards.

Classification Pendulum Mean BPN (British Pendulum Number) 
Four S Rubber Slider 55 TRL Rubber (Slider 55) 
P5 >54 >44 
P4 45-54 40-44 
P3 35-44 35-39 
P2 25-34 20-34 
P1 12-24 <20 
P0 <12  


TABLE 3A NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION CODE COMPLIANCE CLASSIFICATIONSMinimum wet pendulum test result classifications to meetNational Construction Code requirements 
Location Classification 
Stair Treads and Stairway Landings in Buildings 
1. Stair treads and stairway landing (when dry) P3 
2. Stair treads and stairway landing (when wet) P4 
Nosings for Stair Treads and Landings in Buildings 
1. Dry stair tread, stair non-skid nosing strip and stairway landing P3 
2. Wet stair tread, stair non-skid nosing strip and stairway landing P4 
Ramps in Buildings 
1. Ramps not steeper than 1:14 (4.1 degrees) gradient (when dry) P3 
2. Ramps not steeper than 1:14 (4.1 degrees) gradient (when wet) P4 
3. Ramps steeper than 1:14 (4.1 degrees) up to but not steeper than 1:8 (7.1 degres) (when dry) P4 
4. Ramps steeper than 1:14 (4.1 degrees) up to but not steeper than 1:8 (7.1 degrees) (when wet) P5 


If your test report indicates a low slip resistance there is a need to implement controls in order to minimise the risk the surface presents. There are a number of measures which can be employed in order to reduce this risk. Speak to our experienced slip resistance consultants if you would like to discuss your options. Please contact Antiskid NOW to book your Slip Testing Service-Antiskid  by filling in the Contact Us form on this page or telephone 9456 4074


Surface Treatment Options




Generally, the coatings that would be provided are epoxy or polyurethane coatings. These generally would have an aggregate embedded with a recommended slip resistance to suit the standard required. Antiskid Industries, supplies and installs polymer epoxy and polyurethane seamless resin flooring for resin flooring applications including manufacturing, environments, warehousing, and food preparation areas. They are chemical-resistant, heat-resistant, low temperature-resistant, and easy to maintain. Slip-resistant flooring is available in a range of colours in both matt and high gloss finish.


Acid Etching (Antiskid Chemtec)


Using a penetrative material called Antiskid Chemtec, the process prevents moisture occurring between footware and the tile surface, thereby providing a permanent and safe solution to the problem of slippery tiles. This generally is of a hydrofluoric, phosphoric or hydrochloric solution that eats into the surface roughness and micro-porosity to some degree. The process does not require a curing period, and tiles are ready for use immediately on completion. Antiskid Industries can treat new and existing ceramic and porcelain surfaces. Ideal for building entrances, food preparation sites and any trafficable wet areas in your business.


Stair Nosings


Antiskid stair nosings are designed to prevent slips and falls, and they can be used on steel ramps and walkways, concrete and masonry steps, steel grille catwalks, and landing and steel check-plate workstations where timber and steel ladders may be used. Antiskid can custom design and install tread plates and stair nosings to existing stair edges or platforms, making them slip-resistant, Furthermore, Stair Nosings also protects the leading edge from damage and is available in a range of Safety colours.


Adhesive Strips


Self Adhesive Floor Safety Tapes Strips with high slip resistance ratings for pedestrian access ramps, factory walkways, machinery steps, transport vehicles, concrete stairwells and landings and anywhere else that may be slippery. They are easy to apply and colours can be easily selected to provide luminance contrast or photo luminance.




Effectiveness of anti-slip and non-slip treatments and coatings is provided through the guidance of Australian Standards AS 4360 Risk Management. It should be pointed out that all surfaces will have a degree of risk in that people may slip and fall on them, no matter how slip resistant the surface is measured at. No floor will ever be fail-safe.

The terms anti-slip and non-slip should be seen as preventative measures rather than absolute guarantees in the sense of slip and fall prevention. Irrespective of what industry you’re in or which type of service facility that you are seeking guidance on,

Antiskid slip resistant surface treatments can help prevent dangerous slips and falls and provide support for your safety program by conducting a slip testing service-Antiskid appointment.


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Contact Antiskid Industries today at (08) 9456 4074 for an obligation free meeting to discuss your slip resistant options or email us via the Contact Us form on this page.



Our Latest

Antiskid Industries is one of Western Australia’s leading Epoxy and Resin Floor Coating Companies and has more than 30 years experience in the industry. 

Our projects throughout WA range from iconic installations such as Optus Stadium through to food flooring systems for kitchens and production areas, decorative safety flooring (internal and external) as well as industrial flooring.

Here are some of our latest projects.

The Kids Bridge
The Kids Bridge
Road & Pavement Surfacing

Requirements:   The Kids Bridge was designed to create a pedestrian link between the Perth Children’s Hospital and Kings Park facilitating access to WA’s premier parkland allowing a place for relaxation and reflection for hospital staff, patients and visitors.

Graylands Hospital Kitchen
Graylands Hospital
Food & Beverage

Requirements:   Commercial kitchens have to be resistant in a demanding environment. The floor has to withstand impact from utensils, constant trolley wheeled traffic, chemical attack from food

Perth Metropolitan TAFE Workshop
Perth Metropolitan TAFE Workshop
Commercial & Industrial

Requirements   The student workshops at this important TAFE College had outdated, slippery and unsafe flooring. Look at it now.

WesTrac Commercial Showrooms
WesTrac Commercial Showrooms
Commercial & Industrial

Professional Office Presentation
Requirements:   After 50 years of operating out of the previous facility, WesTrac’s parts and sales operation moved to a new purpose built building location. They needed a presentation that highlighted the new location.
Antiskid delivered

Mandurah Traffic Bridge – Pedestrian Path
Mandurah Traffic Bridge – Pedestrian Path
Road & Pavement Surfacing

Requirements:   The City was experiencing problems with a shared footpath (Pedestrian/Bicycles) on the new Mandurah Traffic Bridge. The surface was unsafe and presented a slip risk. Antiskid provided a solution that was not only highly attractive but alleviated the risk.


Food & Beverage

Floors in all food processing areas must be a slip resistant floor surface, high impact, wear resistant, solvent free, easy to clean and resistant to high and low temperatures. Antiskid designs, supplies and installs superior seamless and smooth epoxy resin flooring surfaces for all aspects of the Food & Beverage industry.

Commercial & Industrial

Antiskid seamless epoxy resin commercial flooring is ideal for shopping centres, retails stores, office flooring, display areas and much more. Antiskid designs, supplies and installs a wide range of polymer epoxy flooring systems for a wide range of commercial & industrial buildings. Our epoxy resin commercial floors are designed to provide safe and functional environments utilising a wide variety of floor colours and textures to co-ordinate with your interior design.

Road & Pavement Surfacing

Antiskid Industries is the major supplier and installer in Western Australia of the OMNIGRIP range of products. OMNIGRIP is a durable, skid-resistant resin surfacing system designed to provide safety and visibility for roads, cycleways, shared pathways and other areas.

The range includes Omnigrip Deco which provides a unique, interesting and exciting resin-bonded aggregate surfacing for landscape enhancements. Deco may be finished in a diverse range of natural or synthetic colour effects and textures to suit the subtlety of natural architect design and to provide for bold, eye-catching kaleidoscope of colour finishes encompassing the entire spectrum of landscape architecture.

Decorative & Architectural

Whatever your design vision, Antiskid provides creative concepts and recommendation for decorative seamless resin floor surfaces in a wide range of colours, textures and finishes.

Our polymer epoxy and polyurethane seamless epoxy resin flooring surfaces not only enhance your interior design, but they’re also durable, easy to clean, and come in anti-slip or smooth finishes.

They’re ideal for display areas, shop fronts, modern housing developments, building entrances, or anywhere you want to make a statement.

Floor Safety

Slip resistant surface treatments are a health and safety must-have for most industrial and commercial facilities. Because slips and falls are some of the most common accidents, specifying anti-slip flooring can be a simple step towards reducing the occurrence of these accidents. They are the second leading cause of accidental deaths to people aged between 45 – 75 years.

Antiskid Industries specialises in creative concepts and designs for epoxy resin flooring, slip resistant flooring products and floor surfaces for residential , architectural, commercial and industrial clients, including state government agencies and local governments across Western Australia.