Antiskid Floor Safety Solutions has an enviable reputation for supplying and installing proven safety products for a broad range of applications to improve safer environments across different industries and applications.
Consequently our products protect not just the flooring surface but also those who use them. As a result of this, our floor safety solutions go a long way in preventing slips and trips that may cause injury or damage to property and people.


[dropcap]1[/dropcap]Slip Resistant Surface Treatments

We offer tile, stone, and porcelain slip resistant surface treatments that will provide excellent slip resistance and enhance floor safety especially when the flooring surface is wet. Furthermore the treatment provides a permanent and safe solution. Ideal for building entrances, food preparation sites and any trafficable wet areas in your business. Moreover, the treatment does not require a curing period.


[dropcap]2[/dropcap]Stair Nosings

We have built a reputation of supplying a range of floor safety stair nosings for over 30 years. Above all, they are designed to make floors and stairs more secure by preventing slips and falls.
Furthermore, it should be noted that Antiskid safety stair nosings, tread plates and ladder rungs are specifically produced for use in commercial and industrial environments.
On top of this we can custom design and install to existing stair edges and platforms to make them safe. Notably the products may be used with a wide variety of materials and come in a spectrum of colours to suit your own environment.


[dropcap]3[/dropcap]Self Adhesive Safety Tapes

Our self adhesive safety tapes for Antiskid floor safety solutions are ideal for use in access ramps, factory walkways and other areas where the surface may be slippery. Importantly they are convenient and are easy to use and install.

For better floor safety solutions, give Antiskid a call today or complete the Contact Us form on this page. We’re here to help with the right floor safety solutions.


[dropcap]4[/dropcap]Slip Testing Service

Antiskid Industries offers a slip testing service to be carried out on your new or existing floor. Our certified slip resistance test using the latest Australian Standards will determine whether your floor is compliant.

Additionally ensuring you are compliant with high levels of health and safety, especially to reduce the risk of accidents.

Contact us today to book your slip testing service to make sure you’re compliant.