Concrete Floor Preparation & Repair

L-r: Captive Shot Blasting – Surface Preparation, Dustless Diamond Grinding, Floor Coating Removal.


Surface Preparation

Concrete floor preparation & repair is just about the most important stage before you install your new flooring system. Prepare your concrete surface back to its original finish. In other words, remove any finish that’s not concrete. If you don’t do this critical process you might well jeopardise¬†a successful installation.

Antiskid’s thorough and effective surface preparation ensures that when the final installation is installed we guarantee a successful flooring system. In some cases, it may entail removing the existing tiled floor surface and screed before installing a new resin based mortar screed.

In the case of preparing commercial kitchen floor systems, it may need improved falls. In other cases, it may require the removal of coatings or a previously painted floor to ensure a perfect finish.

Enclosed vacuum captive shot blasting and dust free diamond grinding provide clean profiled surface, maximising adhesion to all our flooring systems.


Surface Repair

Our experienced team carries out all localised floor repairs, including joint repairs carried out using epoxy or polyurethane screeds and mortars. This provides increased strength and a level surface prior to installation of resin flooring.