Omnigrip Decorative

Barwon Health (9) 940 x 490
IMG_1099 (1) 940 x 490
Coles Deco (27) 940 490
20181203_092259 (1) 940 x 660
Redyellow Stadium (1) 940 x 500
Barwon Health (9) 940 x 490 IMG_1099 (1) 940 x 490 Coles Deco (27) 940 490 20181203_092259 (1) 940 x 660 Redyellow Stadium (1) 940 x 500


Decorative coloured paving by Antiskid Omnigrip provides a unique, interesting and exciting resin-bonded aggregate surfacing solution for landscape enhancements. Moreover, this wonderful coloured paving may be finished in a diverse range of natural or synthetic colour effects and textures.

Additionally, not only does it suit the subtlety of natural architect design to provide for bold, eye-catching kaleidoscope of colour finishes, but also encompasses the entire spectrum of landscape architecture.

Therefore, Antiskid Omnigrip decorative coloured paving provides designers with a visually dynamic, environmentally friendlier finish for landscape design and surfacing.

For instance, with the utilization of Synthite aggregate, designers are able to ensure that the surfacing component is comprised of 75% post consumer recycled materials. Furthermore, this combined with the fact that the resin used to bond the aggregate has a VOC content of less than 5% ensures Antiskid Omnigrip decorative coloured paving surfacing is compliant with the Green Building Council of Australia’s specification for:

Green Star Office Design V2 & V3 (IEQ-13)

Green Star Office Interiors V1.1 (IEQ-11)

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Applications of Decorative Coloured Paving

  • Sidewalk and Alfresco Dining
  • Streetscape Redevelopment
  • Shopping Centre Precincts
  • Residential Development Schemes
  • Shared Pathways
  • Driveways
  • Heritage Areas
  • Car Parks

Benefits of Decorative Coloured Paving

    • Aesthetically Pleasing Finishes
    • Highly Durable
    • Suitable for Concrete and Asphalt
    • Low Maintenance
    • Slip Resistant as per AS/NZS 4586 – 2004
    • Uniform Seamless Finish
    • Excellent Colour Stability
    • Extensive Range of Aggregate Dressings
    • Guaranteed Product Performance
    • Nationwide Installation Service

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