Omnigrip CST Coloured Surfacing

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Cycle path with rider (greener)
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20160630_122517 940 x 490 IMG_0265 940 x 490 Cycle path with rider (greener) 20170207_104505 940 x 490


Omnigrip Coloured Surface Treatment is supplied and installed by Antiskid Industries in Western Australia. OMNIGRIP CST is a durable, skid-resistant colourful resin surfacing system suited for cycleways, shared pathways and other areas requiring high visibility on public road systems.


Improved visibility and safety

Designed to provide a high definition coloured pavement, Omnigrip Coloured Surface Treatment ensures improved visibility and safer colour delineation whilst maintaining high skid resistance in both wet and dry conditions.

Available in both modified epoxy or polyurethane formulated options Omnigrip Coloured Surface Treatment is specifically designed to provide a unique depth and performance, balancing long-term colour retention with skid resistance for the design life of the product.


Green Building Council compliant

Installed using the unique Synthite aggregate the Omnigrip coloured surfacing treatment is comprised of 75% recycled content. This combined with the fact that the resin binding system contains no solvents and minimum Volatile Organic Content (VOC) makes the surfacing system compliant with the Green Building Council of Australia specifications.


Fast Curing

It’s quick to install, with ‘drive-on’ within 5 hours in most cases. Moreover it reduces disruption, noise and inconvenience but also leaving a very professional long lasting finish. Antiskid’s Omnigrip Coloured Surface Treatment is applied to existing pavement surfaces (new or old), because the product incorporates specialist synthetic coloured aggregate formulated for application to roads, highways and bridge pavements. Please contact us for further information.



  • Bus, cycle, transit and fire lanes
  • Threshold treatments
  • Local traffic management
  • School and pedestrian crossings
  • Taxi & bus parking delineation
  • Carpark surfacing


  • Visible demarcation
  • Extremely durable
  • Fuel and oil resistant
  • Improved surface friction
  • Solvent free
  • Proven accident reduction
  • Guaranteed installation
  • Extensive reference lists

Synthetic Aggregate Finishes

L-r: Red, Blue , Yellow and Green