Resin Floor Care and Maintenance

Antiskid Industries provide a comprehensive floor care service to maintain their range of industrial, commercial and architectural epoxy resin floor finishes.

If regular care is provided, and recommended guidelines observed for your epoxy resin floor care  and maintenance service, the decorative appearance and life of all epoxy products flooring systems will be extended.

Cleaning regularly is necessary to maintain the appearance and prolong the life of the flooring system. Our cleaning range of cleansers is an ideal product for resin floors.


The range of floor care products includes:

  • Specifically manufactured environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals
  • Latest motorised walk behind and ride-on wet scrubbing machines
  • Latest motorised walk behind and ride-on sweeping machines

Low cost, highly efficient Washer Scrubber Dryer Machines are recommended as being the most effective method of cleaning floors with minimum disruption.

We have a range of floor cleaning products and machines for epoxy resin floor care maintenance service suitable to protect all our flooring systems, including food production environments.


Antiskid Industries can provide a complete maintenance package to suit all your needs.

  • Specialised advice and supplies
  • Complete range of sweeper and scrubbers available
  • Latest design in walk behind and ride-on equipment
  • Easy to use and maintain, saving time and money
  • Range of cleaning chemicals available in store
  • Cleaning procedures and MSDS
  • Environmentally friendly products

When cleaning it is essential that the removal of dirty water and rinsing of the floor is the key to successful cleaning. It is important that clean water is used for rinsing.


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