Epoxy Resin Flooring:

Antiskid Industries specialises in supplying and installing quality resin flooring solutions Perth. Antiskid’s services are quite extensive including design, supply and installing polymer epoxy polyurethane seamless resin flooring, non slip floor surfaces.

.Antiskid supplies and installs quality resin flooring solutions Perth for all commercial kitchens including anti-microbial surfacing for safer protection, protective flooring for the chemical and pharmaceutical processing industries and specialised protective flooring solutions to a very broad range of industries.

The service include industries needing quality resin flooring solutions Perth such as food processing, commercial flooring, warehouse and industrial (heavy and light) resin flooring coatings, plus the supply and installation of clearly defined colourful traffic delineation for pedestrians, forklifts and other defined user to increase safety and productivity.

Road, Pavement and Car Park Surfacing:

Antiskid Industries are also  market leaders in road, pavement and car park surfacing, supplying safer roads with high friction road finishes to reduce braking distance and accidents at particularly known ‘black-spot’ locations plus intersections, roundabouts and school and pedestrian crossings.

Our Antiskid Onmigrip coloured road surfacing (CST) adds colour and safety to many locations, in particular cycleways and  busy highways, where the product can be installed in minimum time, reducing disruptions and overall expenditure and offers guaranteed design life of colour retention and skid resistance.

Read more to see how Omnigrip CST and its high definition coloured pavement ensures safer roads. Antiskid’s Omnigrip Deco offers an extensive range of coloured paving for any architectural external paving design adding vibrancy and style to any public location.

Rapid Curing Flooring Syustems:

Antiskid’s rapid curing flooring system is ideal where speed of installation is required particularly for areas with high pedestrian activity. Generally within 5 hours the resin flooring system is trafficable again reducing disruption and maintaining normal usage.

Surface Preparation:

Antiskid’s effective surface preparation ensures successful installations to all flooring systems. Preparation is the key to providing a new resin flooring system specific to all types of industry standards, thus guaranteeing design life of product expectation and a safer environment to work in.

Contact Antiskid Industries for quality resin flooring solutions Perth on(08) 9456 4074 or complete the Contact Us form and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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