Perth Arena


> Maximum durability, protection and effect

> Resin Based Flooring


The Perth Arena is a new boutique multi-purpose sports and entertainment stadium. As with most stadiums, floors play an important part of the durability and overall design considerations.

Antiskid Industries has a history of providing a variety of construction solutions for similar projects from resin toppings/coatings and floor sealers.


Architects, A.R.M. had a brief for the Perth Arena for durable flooring on all concrete surfaces that must be sympathetic to the overall design colours and aesthetics.

Sika Australia Pty Ltd had similar success with the flooring surfaces specified at the MCG Southern Stand project which lead A.R.M. to consult Sika for Perth Arena.

This lead to Antiskid Industries, an expert recommended resin based installer be contracted for this important installation.  Antiskid had the knowledge to re-create the architects overall graphics design in the stadium floors.

As a result Sikafloor resin epoxy coatings was specified and used on all concrete seating platforms, associated stairs and access ways within the stadium area to cope with the high volume of traffic.

All internal concourse walkways surrounding the arena are high solids self levelling epoxy incorporating an R10 slip resistant finish in colour schemes that matched the wall design.

Hard wearing clear polyurethane coating was used to protect the ground and exposed aggregate concrete finish in the bar and functions areas.

Floor finishes had to conform to the Australian Standards slip rating for commercial space.

Products used:

  • Sikafloor 2530W
  • Sikafloor 263/264
  • Sika Duraseal
  • Sikafloor Polyurethane

Project details:

  • Date: 2012
  • Location: Perth WA
  • Architects: R.M.
  • Builder: BGC Construction
  • Product Supplier: Sika Australia Pty Ltd
  • Contractor: Antiskid Industries