St John of God Hospital Kitchen


>New rapid curing floor topping to main kitchen

> Hard wearing, food grade finish with chemical and anti-slip resistance

> Commercial Kitchen resin flooring


The existing floor in the main kitchen was proving to have maintenance difficulties, with on- going grout cleaning problems and water penetrating through cracks in the floor. This meant the need to upgrade and improve cleaning regimes, everyday wear and safety issues by installing a food grade, hard wearing commercial kitchen seamless floor, with impact resistance, chemical resistance and excellent slip resistance.

Installation had to take place overnight as the kitchen needed to be fully operational by 5am each and every day.


Antiskid recommended the new rapid curing coloured Quartz flooring system be installed, as it offered a hard wearing, impact resistant, chemical resistant and slip resistant finish and typically ready for normal use after 90 minutes of application.

Recommendations also included mechanically diamond grind the existing floor to provide a clean surface and assist surface adhesion for the new coating and floor toppings.

Because the kitchen is extremely busy on a daily basis it was recommended a program to install the new floor application be broken down into 6 sections, with each section completed over 1 night between the hours of 9pm start and ready for the daily commitment beginning at 5am the following morning.

Also, install the three access areas with different colours for easy user identification:

Public access areas: zone green
Service foot traffic areas: zone red
Production floor areas:zone blue

Products used:

  • Flowfast coloured Quartz surfacing

Project details:

  • Date: December 2014 & Januray 2015
  • Location: St John of God Hospital Subiaco
  • Design / Product Supplier : Flowcrete Australia
  • Contractor: Antiskid Industries