Pan Pacific 9th Floor Podium Deck


> Seamless Waterproofing System

> Water Pooling Rectification


Substantial rainwater ponding had been experienced over a number of years on the 9th Floor Podium Deck of the Pan Pacific Hotel in Perth CBD. This resulted in water seepage into the building proper and potential issues with carbonation and salt penetration. There was also evidence of concrete cracks and some slab deflection.

Antiskid Industries were engaged to provide the solution. This was a highly technical and complex project and required input and liaison from product manufacturers, consulting engineers and Antiskid’s expert staff.


The solution involved removal of the existing membrane system as well as the removal of some 50mm of white quartz stone. This was all undertaken from the 9th floor whilst the Hotel remained in full operation. Repairs were then performed to all surface cracks, expansion joints, construction joints and failed penetrations using injectable epoxy resin systems.

In consultation, the Structural Engineers determined that the optimum method of rectification for the deflection as well as the ponding was by infilling existing low levels of the surface to create correct falls to drains. Antiskid staff expertly created a backbone arrangement which was then infilled with Sika Level 30 product to an appropriate surface ready for the seamless waterproofing.

The final action was the application of Sikalastic Seamless Waterproofing System incorporating Sika fleece fabric.

By working closely with all stakeholders and outside technical staff Antiskid were able to deliver an outstanding solution covered by a 15 year Manufacturers Warranty.


Product Used:

  • Sikafloor Level 30 Cementitious Levelling
  • Sikalastic 560 Liquid Applied Seamless Waterproofing System
  • Sika Fleece 120 Fabric

Project Details:

  • Date: November 2017 – September 2018
  • Location: 207 Adelaide Terrace, Perth WA
  • Project Management: Antiskid Industries
  • Product Supplier: Sika Australia
  • Contractor: Antiskid Industries