Mount Street Hospital – Patient Kitchen


> Hard wearing, food grade finish with chemical and anti-slip resistance

> Commercial kitchen resin flooring



The existing Commercial Patient kitchen tiled flooring was in need of an up-grade. The existing tiles were looking old, had a reduced slip resistance and difficult to keep clean. As this is the only kitchen in the facility the installation of the new Polyurethane flooring system had to be carefully coordinated in order to keep the kitchen in operation.

The patient kitchen resin flooring needed upgrading to ensure levels of hygiene and safety were maintained. The job needed to be carried out in two separate stages to manage and maintain kitchen operations plus kitchen equipment and relevant supplies needed to be decommissioned whilst work was carried out. Antiskid were required to install suitable bunting and hoarding to reduce the impact on Kitchen operations whilst the work was being carried out.


Antiskid Industries works included – preparing the existing tiled substrate, removal of existing Aluminium Coving and apply an epoxy resin primer and scratch coat to remove grout lines from the finished surface. 100mm high resin coving system was installed to all walls. A 6mm Self Levelling Polyurethane Cement Screed base floor was recommended followed by finishing with slip resistant aggregates. Finally apply a high gloss top coat floor and coving to create a seamless slip resistant finish, replace coving and recommission kitchen equipment and relevant reconnections.

The work needed to be completed in 3 stages, so Antiskid coordinated the complete ‘turn key solution’. Decommissioning and recommissioning of all kitchen appliances, furniture and fixtures was all handled by our experienced Supervisors.


Products used:

  • Flowcrete Flowfresh Antimicrobial Polyurethane Flooring

Project details:

  • Date: May – August 2016
  • Location: Mount Street Hospital, Perth, Western Australia
  • Project Manager: Healthscope Limited
  • Product Supplier: Flowcrete Australia
  • Contractor: Antiskid Industries