Matagarup Bridge


> Visually dynamic, decorative bonded aggregate surfacing

> High aesthetics and wear component


Matagarup Bridge connects people moving between East Perth, Burswood Peninsula and Optus Stadium. The bridge starts in East Perth at Nelson Crescent and includes a special event bus stand. The pedestrian bridge comprises an undulating structure of steel forms that engage with the surrounding natural and built landscape, by creating a sequence of unfolding views and vistas. It was conceived and designed to provide an alternative transport option to access Optus Stadium and the surrounding precinct as well as a new tourism offering to leverage the stadium and the iconic Swan River.

As such there was a clear vision for the bridge. The brief was complex with an overriding aim to create excellent and innovative urban design that reflects Perth’s ‘sense of place’ as well as being a spectacular gateway. The bridge is approximately 72 metres tall at its highest point and stretches 370 metres from bank to bank, with a steel cable-stay span of 160 metres at its centre. The total length of the pedestrian crossing is 560 metres which includes a 100 metre  ramp at the East Perth end to route pedestrians away from nearby residential areas and to the Nelson Crescent bus stands.


To complement the extensive use of the product throughout the entire concourse area of the greater stadium precinct, Omnigrip Deco was once again specified for the bridge, approaches and bus stands. The colour palette was designed to blend with and complement the surrounding parkland, waters edge and river itself.

Antiskid Industries were the recommended contractor for the project. Once again we liaised and consulted extensively with the various stakeholders to ensure that the project was completed in line with the complicated build schedule. The bridge was then opened to the public on 14 July 2018 with landscaping, removal of lay down areas and surfacing works continuing into the end of 2018.


Product Used:

  • Omnicrete Omnigrip Deco
  • Natural Stone Aggregate Pavement System

Project Details:

  • Date: October-December, 2018
  • Location: Across Swan River from Nelson Crescent on the western side to Optus Stadium.
  • Contractor: Swan River Pedestrian Bridge Alliance, York Rizzani
  • Specifier: Swan River Pedestrian Bridge Alliance, York Rizzani
  • Product Supplier: Omnicrete Australia
  • Contractor: Antiskid Industries