CBD Hotel Loading Dock



> Concrete Repairs and Rectification

> Slip and Impact Resistant Surfacing System



The client’s loading dock was in sub-par condition and was becoming hazardous for all users including guests crossing over from the car park. It was an old concrete dock that encompassed the staff entry, the service and bin storage as well as the goods lift and double truck bays.

Therefore, the surface needed to be extremely tough as well as slip, impact & UV resistant while still being aesthetically pleasing and pleasant for pedestrians.

The major problem though, was that this loading dock was in constant use for all the requirements of a superior CBD hotel. It could not be shut down.



Antiskid were tasked with resolving this problem and our designers suggested Omnigrip CST Black Gloss. This is a very hard-wearing surface that is consistent with an asphalt design but has additional benefits over standard asphalt. It can be applied over existing concrete and has very good crack bridging properties.

Antiskid staff firstly performed concrete repairs to the underlying substrate before the application of the Omnigrip.

Works were completed in consultation with the client over two weekends to ensure continuity of service and a minimum of disruption.

The result is spectacular and will service the clients needs for many years to come with minimal maintenance required.


Product Used:

  • Antiskid Omnigrip CST Black Gloss
  • Clear UV Stable Polyurethane Sealer 

Project Details:

Date: November, 2019

Location: Perth CBD

Contractor: Antiskid Industries

Product Supplier: Antiskid Industries