Gage Roads Brewery



 > Chemical and UV Resistant Bunded Area

> Slip and Impact Resistant Surfacing System


Gage Roads wanted to expand their operations so needed to create an external bunded concrete area for the location of beer and additive silos. The area was new concrete with a plinth to contain potential spills. The surface needed to be resistant to various chemicals and acids as well as being impact and slip resistant. And the bund walls had to be surfaced as well. The area was to be used by staff on foot as well as in forklifts etc. And, as the entire area was outside, the product needed to be resistant to the harsh Western Australian sun to provide a long term design life. Antiskid had provided internal flooring previously to Gage Roads so part of the solution matrix was consistency of surface and maintenance procedures.



Antiskid Industries therefore recommended continuing on with the Flowcrete Flowfresh Polyurethane Cement flooring system but utilising Flowfresh UV Stable Gloss Top Coat for the required UV protection to the floor, coving and plinth. This solution provides safety for all users while also brilliantly delivering on the other aspects of the design brief.

This solution is low maintenance and will continue to be a dynamic feature for many years to come with minimal maintenance requirements.

Working closely with all stakeholders Antiskid were able to deliver an outstanding solution.

Product Used:

  • Flowfresh PU Cement
  • Flowfresh UV Stable Gloss Top Coat
  • Slip Resistant Agregates 

Project Details:

Date: July, 2019

Location: Palmyra, WA

Project Management: Antiskid Industries

Product Supplier: Flowcrete Australia

Contractor: Antiskid Industries