New Children’s Hospital – Resin Flooring Works

Resin flooring to kitchen – specialised polyurethane resin flooring system

We have completed the installation of resin flooring to the new Children’s Hospital Kitchen Area, and the installation of the Helipad and are busy installing the extensive AGV Routes.

The installation of the resin flooring to the large kitchen production area included 720m2 of specialised polyurethane resin system and protective resin coatings including anti-static, non-slip coating to meet R12 rating.

The extensive Automatic Guided Vehicle Routes (RGV) entails in excess of 5,000m2 specialised Polyurethane resin flooring system and over 4,000m2 of protective resin coatings including anti-static flooring, non-slip coating to meet R10 rating and colour demarcation where required.

by | 22 /06 /2020