Commercial Flooring

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Commercial Flooring Solutions

Commercial Epoxy Resin Flooring is supplied and installed by Antiskid Industries specialised installation team for private and public build

Antisings.kid Industries is renowned for its commercial epoxy resin flooring solutions and guaranteed quality installation. Consequently our commercial flooring is ideal for shopping centres, retail stores, office flooring, display areas and much much more.

Furthermore we supply and install a wide range of polymer epoxy flooring systems for a wide range of commercial buildings. For example, please take a look at our case studies on this site that demonstrates our versatility in installing commercial flooring solutions.


Safety is paramount

Equally important our commercial epoxy resin flooring systems is designed to provide safe and functional environments in private and public buildings. Therefore you can be assured of choosing the right flooring solution for your property and its user safety.

Furthermore there is a wide variety of floor colours and textures available to co-ordinate with your interior design and colour coordination.


A measured approach

As a matter of course Antiskid will consult with architects and interior designers, conduct a site visit and quantity survey before designing and installing epoxy resin commercial flooring solutions. Also we take the time to consider a range of factors to decide on the best resin flooring for your needs. Accordingly this involves determining colours and finishes, slip resistance and levels of pedestrian and vehicular traffic loads.

What’s more, commercial epoxy resin flooring is seamless and can be applied to most existing concrete and timber floors.

Therefore our flooring creates clean, bright environments, with finishes that are easy to clean and are low odour and solvent free during installation. Plus it can also offer insulating and sound deadening effects.

Antiskid Industries proudly offer a superior range of decorative architectural seamless epoxy resin floor surfaces suitable for all commercial and residential properties.


Guaranteed workmanship

For this reason Antiskid guarantees its workmanship delivering a first class product finished on time and to budget.

In conclusion please contact us to find out more about our commercial epoxy resin flooring expertise and range on (08) 9456 4074 or completing the Contact Us form on this page.


Floor surface applications include:

• Display areas
• Retail stores and shop fronts
• Modern housing developments
• Shopping centres
• Building entrances
• Commercial buildings
• Education
• Entertainment/Recreation
• Architectural
• Transport
• Healthcare