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The right protective flooring solution

Protective epoxy resin flooring for the chemical and pharmaceutical processing industries is a speciality of Antiskid Industries, who have the experience and the teams to design, supply and install such flooring.


Similar industries:

• Refineries
• Laboratories
• Chemical bunding
• Chemical packaging facilities

We ensure our chemical resistant coatings maintain a seamless high quality finish over a great length of time, and as a matter of fact, even after being exposed to most caustic solvents, acids, and alkalis.


It pays to include the right floor coating

If you don’t install chemical resistant coatings, your concrete floor can quickly be prone to deterioration after exposure to corrosive chemicals. In addition to that, other damaging commercial spillages can also damage the floor finish.

It not only looks unsightly, but can be subject to bacterial contamination  which could cause  other untold problems.


Floor safety paramount

Resistant to slip, impact and chemicals, our protective epoxy resin flooring products are essential to enhancing floor safety.

On top of that, our protective epoxy resin flooring solutions can handle high and low temperatures and are guaranteed food-grade.

Antiskid Industries protective epoxy resin flooring is approved for use by national regulatory authorities and all products are certified for use in chemical manufacturing environments


Our advantages:

• Food grade certification
• High slip resistance
• High impact resistance
• High chemical resistance
• Low temperature resistance
• High temperature resistance
• Low maintenance
• Demarcation work zones


Perfect example of protection

A perfect example of the best defense against chemical attack, is the recent installation  at Anchor Foods Vinegar Factory in Perth, where they had suffered over many years before finding the right solution to stop corrosion in their vinegar storage room floor.

Acetic Acid found in vinegar is particularly susceptible to creating corrosion in concrete floors unless protected. Antiskid Industries protective epoxy resin flooring was the answer to the solution.

For more information please read the Case Study Anchor Foods – Vinegar Storage in Case Studies.


Contact Us

Please do not hesitate in contacting us for further information on Antiskid’s protective epoxy resin flooring by telephoning (08) 9456 4074 or by submitting the Contact Us form on this page.