Fiona Stanley Hospital Perth

Antiskid installed a hygienic, seamless resin flooring at the new Fiona Stanley Hospital catering kitchen in Perth.
Antiskid installed 1,400m2 of the innovative ultra-hygienic, seamless resin flooring solution Flowfresh SR in the patient catering facility at Fiona Stanley Hospital.
This meets their ethos of utilizing state-of-the-art technology to provide a world class medical facility. This solution was chosen to ensure a sanitary environment that would minimize the risk from harmful contaminants.

Flowfresh SR includes the anti-microbial agent Polygiene® which inhibits the growth of up to 99% of bacteria on the floor’s surface.
This hard wearing finish is ideal for locations that need to maintain the highest possible standards of hygiene. Not only does it actively eliminate pathogens, but it provides an easy to clean surface that can resist chemicals, wear, heat and water cleaning without deteriorating.

The installation took 3-4 weeks for Antiskid to install the polyurethane floor, which was applied in both 4mm and 6mm thicknesses to match the demands of the environment.


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