Safer Cycle Lanes installed on Allnut Street Mandurah


Clear, safer, early visual cycle lane identification – Antiskid Onmnicrete CST road system.


The City of Mandurah in its bid to increase safety on its roads recently commissioned the installation of 2,124m2 of green and red Antiskid/Omnigrip resin coloured road surfacing treatment of cycle lanes on Allnut Street, Mandurah.


Antiskid/Omnigrip CST is a durable skid resistant coloured resin surfacing system suited for cycleways and areas requiring high visibility on public road systems. The key safety factor is that all road users have clear, early visual identification preparing them for changing road conditions ahead.


The benefits to the City of Mandurah was that the installation process was completed in 4 stages over 4 days, with no disruption to road users (no detours or road closures) and no disruption to the residents.


Not only will the new system give improved surface friction but will retain its vibrant colour for whole of life.